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The Story

I had previously owned a universal sling that slipped onto one of my shotguns, but it was only held on by a piece of elastic that wrapped around the stock. After the second time of the elastic catching on briers and having my gun fall from my shoulder, I promptly removed said universal sling and threw it high into the tree branches, where I assume it still is to this day. I knew that this type of sling wouldn't cut it. I could never trust my expensive over and under to a sling that could fall off so easily.

One night I was considering the sling idea and I thought about the paracord bracelets that was the current rage. I love 550 chord and constantly kept some of it with me, so I decided I would try to tie a sling that would fit on my over and under and wouldn't come off unless I released it. My first attempt was a complete and utter failure, however the idea was good. With my second attempt, I made something amazing! I placed it on my over and under and took it on and off about 5 times and thought “wow, this is great!”. Then I put it on my deer rifle, then my Benelli  pump, then my Ithaca automatic and I realized, “this isn't just something for one gun, this is for any gun!!”. Thus the anysling was born.

AnySling’s use is only limited to your imagination

Patent Pending

No Drilling

 Won’t Scratch

Easy to use


Use is universal



Scoped rifle

Assault rifle





Blanket holder

Dog leash

Cooler handle

Duffle bag strap replacement

Boat tether

Paddle tether

Tow straps


Gun sling

Bow sling

Fishing rod sling

Duck tote

Decoy tether

Blind sling

Deer drag

Blind sling

Mag light handle

Flashlight mount

Emergency rope approximately 50’


Camo Colors

How to use AnySling